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Apr 4, 2010 2:00pm EDT
's me o'clock. time for jell-o. honda accord and toyota camry >>> the terror threat, a look at our security both at home and abroad after this brief commercial break. 100,000 miles. which makes it pretty clear whose standing out front. a consumers digest "best buy" two years running. chevy malibu. compare it to anyone and may the best car win. now, qualified lessees get a low mileage lease on this 2010 malibu ls for around $199 a month. call for details. see your local chevy dealer. the smell of freshly juiced wheat grass and hand pressed shirts. whatever scents fill your household, purina tidy cats scoop helps neutralize odors in multiple cat homes. purina tidy cats scoop. keep your home smelling like home. but we're also in the showing-kids- new-worlds business. and the startup-capital- for-barbers business. and the this-won't- hurt-a-bit business. because we don't just work here. we live here. these are our families. and our neighbors. and by changing lives we're in more than the energy business we're in the human energy business. chevron. >>> we're back here on "meet the press"
Apr 26, 2010 3:30am EDT
system standard on every vehicle we make. at toyota, your safety will continue to be a top priority in any and all of our decisions. ♪ let me show you. there's a new 24-hour heartburn formula that's different. it's called zegerid otc. only zegerid otc has both prescription strength-medicine and a special ingredient to allow its powerful medicine to be quickly absorbed. zegerid otc controls and suppresses acid all day and all night. there's a brilliant new idea in heartburn relief. new zegerid otc. discover the difference. >>> we're back with the roind table. a big question i've been thinking about, whether health care and intervention into the economy, economic stimulus or financial regulation, it is about this debate between the role of government in society, in the economy, in our lives generally. david brooks, you have been thinking about this a lot. your wrote in your column on friday, in the first year of the obama administration, the democrats either wittingly or unwittingly decided to put the big government versus small government debate at the center of american life. how
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)